The best protection from the risk of disease is good hygiene

Child FriendlyBacteria and Viruses are transferred from hand to hand every time you touch a surface or have manual human contact. These pathogens pass into the body when you touch your hands to an aqueous or mucous membrane such as the eyes, nose or mouth. On average, you touch your face, five times in every 5 minutes. It is not always possible to wash hands as often as we should and inevitably even the cleanest hands are re-infected.

Regular hand washing dramatically reduces the chance of infection. This is where a hand sanitizer provides the protection we need. Although you can greatly reduce your chances of infection by consciously avoiding rubbing your mouth, nose and eyes.

Children have a propensity to touch everything. NO-GERMS™ has been designed to be child friendly. It is suitable for regular use and won't damage the skin like alcohol gels.

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