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No-Germs Deo

100% Natural.  100% Chemical Free. 100% for Sensitive Skin. 24h Effectiveness Guarantee. Following the success of our alcohol/Sulphate/Paraben free NO-GERMS line.

NO-GERMS Deo™ is now being launched as our lastest innovation to create more effective products, that work with your body and nature to delivery proven results.  NO-GERMS Deo™ delivers gentle, alcohol free and 100% natural alternative to regular deodorants.

Contains natural mineral salts that form a layer of natural protection from the bacteria that cause body odour.
It is formulated without harmful chemicals, propellants or perfumes, sulphates, parabens or any other un-natural ingredient– making it completely safe for you, your children and the environment.

It offers great value for money and will appeal to most customers, who are getting more and more aware of the damage, sensitivity and irritation of most alcohol and chemical based products, especially with prolonged use.



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