Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash
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NO-GERMS Natural Anti-Bacterial NO-GERMS Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Washes.
Blood Orange, Lemon Sugar and Essence of Grape

• Natural active anti-bacterial ingredients
• Kills up to 10 times the germs of regular liquid soap
• Starts to kills germs in less than 15 seconds
• Concentrated. 2 times as many uses as same size liquid soap
• No harsh chemicals. Triclosan free. Paraben free. Kid-safe formula.
• No artificial colors, never tested on animals.

Don’t just wash hands – sanitize and pamper
them with NO-GERMS, naturally

NG Foamer the first to bring a foaming handwash to the UK. The first to truly
clean your hands of 99.9% of germs without stripping away your natural
fauna and leaving your hands soft by not using abrasive surfectants….

Go from blah to spa – with natural NO-GERMS
Why settle for any old boring, chemical-laden soap when you can have the
fruity, natural goodness of NO-GERMS Natural Anti-bacterial Hand Washes?

Make hand washing a mini spa-treat with NO-GERMS!
These multitasking hand wash power houses get rid of pesky germs,
soothe skin and stimulate your senses with the scents of fresh, ripe fruit.

SAFE: Kills germs naturally with Thymol – an antibacterial, antifungal,
antiseptic and antioxidant rich oil of Thyme and Oregano

NEW: Concentrated formula does multiple jobs at once , killing germs,
moisturizing hands and soothing skin.

ECONOMICA L: Each pump offers two times the uses of same size liquid soap


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