No-Germs Hand Wash
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NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash provides the NO-GERMS™ peace of mind when you wash your hands at the sink.

This is the second product in the innovative NO-GERMS™ line. NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash complements the hugely successful existing NO-GERMS™ Instant Hand Sanitiser by providing the best possible product for cleansing and sanitizing your hands at a sink. NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash beats the competition

1. Stronger - Kills up to 10 times the germs of ordinary liquid soap.
2. Faster - Start to kill Germs in less than 15 seconds.
3. Better - Twice the moisturization of Anti-Bacterial Soap.
4. More Economical - Twice the number of uses per bottle as regular soap NO-GERMS™ foaming system provides great economies protecting your wallet as well as your health.
5. Alcohol Free, Sulfate Free & Parabens Free.

Which Hand Cleansing Soap would you choose?

-One that gives you TEN times the killing power of the other liquid soaps on the counter.
-One that gives you Twice as many as the same sized bottle of liquid soap.
-One that gives you TWICE the moisturisation anti-bacterial soaps.
-Priced competitively with regular soaps.


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