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Instant Hand Sanitiser
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Instant Hand SanitiserNO-GERMS™ Instant Hand Sanitiser
1. Kills 99.9% of all germs. Starts to kill in under 15 seconds.
2. Alcohol Free, so it wont dry out your hands. Moisturizes with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender.
3. Suitable for frequent use, unlike alcohol gels that dry and damage the skin from the first use.
4. #1 Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser in Europe.
5. Twice as many uses per bottle as most alcohol gels.
6. Pocket sized for convenience. Great for your handbag/purse.
7. Suitable for use on Airplanes - Alcohol free so non-flammable.
Contains Natural Organic Lemon Juice

NO-GERMS™ Instant Hand Sanitiser comes in a convenient 210ml, 50ml foamer and a 25ml fine mist spray.

No-Germs Hand Wash
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NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash provides the NO-GERMS™ peace of mind when you wash your hands at the sink.

This is the second product in the innovative NO-GERMS™ line. NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash complements the hugely successful existing NO-GERMS™ Instant Hand Sanitiser by providing the best possible product for cleansing and sanitizing your hands at a sink. NO-GERMS™ Moisturizing Hand Wash beats the competition

1. Stronger - Kills up to 10 times the germs of ordinary liquid soap.
2. Faster - Start to kill Germs in less than 15 seconds.
3. Better - Twice the moisturization of Anti-Bacterial Soap.
4. More Economical - Twice the number of uses per bottle as regular soap NO-GERMS™ foaming system provides great economies protecting your wallet as well as your health.
5. Alcohol Free, Sulfate Free & Parabens Free.

Which Hand Cleansing Soap would you choose?

-One that gives you TEN times the killing power of the other liquid soaps on the counter.
-One that gives you Twice as many as the same sized bottle of liquid soap.
-One that gives you TWICE the moisturisation anti-bacterial soaps.
-Priced competitively with regular soaps.

Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash
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NO-GERMS Natural Anti-Bacterial NO-GERMS Natural Anti-Bacterial Hand Washes.
Blood Orange, Lemon Sugar and Essence of Grape

• Natural active anti-bacterial ingredients
• Kills up to 10 times the germs of regular liquid soap
• Starts to kills germs in less than 15 seconds
• Concentrated. 2 times as many uses as same size liquid soap
• No harsh chemicals. Triclosan free. Paraben free. Kid-safe formula.
• No artificial colors, never tested on animals.

Don’t just wash hands – sanitize and pamper
them with NO-GERMS, naturally

NG Foamer the first to bring a foaming handwash to the UK. The first to truly
clean your hands of 99.9% of germs without stripping away your natural
fauna and leaving your hands soft by not using abrasive surfectants….

Go from blah to spa – with natural NO-GERMS
Why settle for any old boring, chemical-laden soap when you can have the
fruity, natural goodness of NO-GERMS Natural Anti-bacterial Hand Washes?

Make hand washing a mini spa-treat with NO-GERMS!
These multitasking hand wash power houses get rid of pesky germs,
soothe skin and stimulate your senses with the scents of fresh, ripe fruit.

SAFE: Kills germs naturally with Thymol – an antibacterial, antifungal,
antiseptic and antioxidant rich oil of Thyme and Oregano

NEW: Concentrated formula does multiple jobs at once , killing germs,
moisturizing hands and soothing skin.

ECONOMICA L: Each pump offers two times the uses of same size liquid soap

Hand Sanitizer GEL
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Hand Gel Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Gel.
World’s first alcohol free hand sanitizer gel now available from NO-GERMS

Kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria in seconds.

Uniquely hydrates and binds moisture to protect skin from dryness and cracking.

Natural, no alcohol, no parabens.

Guaranteed not to dry hands.

No residue buil-up.

Long lasting efficacy: 2 hours against viruses, 4 hours against germs.

150 uses per bottle.

Non-toxic formula safe for children to use.

Non-flammable, safe on planes.
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No-Germs Deo

100% Natural.  100% Chemical Free. 100% for Sensitive Skin. 24h Effectiveness Guarantee. Following the success of our alcohol/Sulphate/Paraben free NO-GERMS line.

NO-GERMS Deo™ is now being launched as our lastest innovation to create more effective products, that work with your body and nature to delivery proven results.  NO-GERMS Deo™ delivers gentle, alcohol free and 100% natural alternative to regular deodorants.

Contains natural mineral salts that form a layer of natural protection from the bacteria that cause body odour.
It is formulated without harmful chemicals, propellants or perfumes, sulphates, parabens or any other un-natural ingredient– making it completely safe for you, your children and the environment.

It offers great value for money and will appeal to most customers, who are getting more and more aware of the damage, sensitivity and irritation of most alcohol and chemical based products, especially with prolonged use.


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